All of our courses have been designed by professionals who understand what companies need to do to recruit, retain and promote women. Before each course you will have a 1 hour call with the trainer to ensure the course is right for you and to tailor delivery to your needs.



Most companies are ill equipped to deal with parents returning to work after a period of leave. It is this point when most women fall out of the workplace, feeling undervalued, misunderstood and frustrated.

Companies spend fortunes on graduate schemes but fail to retain the talent they already have because they don’t put enough thought or resource into looking after employees who take parental leave.



Allowing your staff to work flexibly is absolutely critical to gender diversity and to your business. The old 9 -5 is dead and companies unable to embrace flexible working will miss out on talent and hinder their productivity.

In many parts of our working culture, leaders still have issues with trust, accountability and ‘presenteeism’. Our flexible working and job shares training will give you the tools and knowledge you need to implement flexible working within your business.



Using a background in mental health, counselling and NLP leadership, our unconscious bias training helps your employees confront prejudice and bias in the workplace.

Focusing on mindset and culture change; this programme will teach individuals and brands about the power of embracing diversity and how to confront bias and prejudice to improve business and societal impact, leading to long-lasting and authentic change.



The law can be confusing and fear of saying the wrong thing can sometimes result in a breakdown of communication between parent and employer. Keeping those communication lines open is critical for staff wellbeing, particularly during a phase of personal transition.

In this workshop we will run through what your legal obligations are and what best practice looks like when managing pregnant women, staff taking parental leave, and parents returning to work after a period of leave. This will build confidence for the future and reduce any risks of unhappy staff, or worse, a law suit.


Rock your Return

Rock Your Return is an online course for parents returning to the workplace after a period of leave. It also features a corresponding course for the line manager of the person who has been on leave, to ensure they have all the tools they need to effectively integrate them back into the workplace.

The course offers information, support and guidance to new mums on everything from childcare solutions to managing your new highly complex task list. Companies can purchase a 12 month subscription to the course giving an unlimited number of your employees can access the content.