Flexible Working and Job Shares


To get the best out of your staff you need to give them autonomy over their time.

A study of UK businesses and employees by HSBC  found that nine in ten employees (89%) consider flexible working to be the biggest motivator to their productivity levels within the workplace – a view shared equally among male and female employees (87% and 90% respectively) – and more so than financial incentives  (77%).  Alongside this, 81% of workers believe the opportunity to work remotely would also help them to improve their productivity, making a clear link between flexible working cultures and increased business productivity levels.

Allowing your staff to work flexibly is absolutely critical to gender diversity and to your business. The old 9 -5 is dead and companies unable to embrace flexible working will miss out on talent and hinder their productivity. In many parts of our working culture, leaders still have issues with trust, accountability and ‘presenteeism’.

To fully embrace flexible working we recommend 2 half day workshops for up to 15 staff.

Programme One - Flexible Working Workshop

This workshop will be 4 hours long and will cover:

  • Your legal obligations as an employer

  • How to deal with a flexible working request

  • The benefits of implementing flexible working within your organisation 

  • How to implement flexible working within your department/company

Programme Two - Job Shares Workshop

This workshop will be 4 hours long and will cover:

  • The benefits of job shares to your business and department

  • Understand how to recruit people into job shares

  • Understand exactly how a job share might work within your organisation 

  • Understand the steps you need to take when an employee says they would like to work as part of a job share 

  • Understand the practicalities of positions being managed as a job share 


  • Your staff will have a clear understanding of what to do if a member of their team makes a flexible working request or would like their role to become a job share

  • Your staff will be encouraged to implement flexible working and job shares in their department, this will have a positive impact on staff wellbeing, productivity and profitability

  • Your staff will understand what ingredients are needed to be make a job share work

  • Your staff will have the opportunity to think through how flexible working and job shares can work in their department

Total charge for both programmes, excluding venue and catering £2,900 (+Vat)

Total Charge for One programme, excluding venue or catering £1,850 (+Vat)

Total charge for one programme including venue and catering £2,600 (+vat)

Or total charge for both programmes including venue and catering £4,200 (+Vat). A list of potential venues can be supplied upon request