Radical Returns


Most companies are ill equipped to deal with parents returning to work after a period of leave. It is this point when most women fall out of the workplace, feeling undervalued, misunderstood and frustrated. Companies spend fortunes on graduate schemes but fail to retain the talent they already have because they don’t put enough thought or resource into looking after employees who take parental leave.

Radical Returners Programme

Full day programme for up to 15 staff. The programme will cover:

  • Legal obligations 

  • The business benefits for creating a really successful return to work after a period of leave

  • How the returner might be feeling and what they might need 

  • Phased returns

  • Breast feeding 

  • Mentoring programmes

  • Other methods to encourage staff retention 

The Business Case

Why does your business need to better understand how to retain employees when they return from a period of leave?

This is the point at which many parents (usually mothers) leave their careers. Their life has changed and very few companies recognise the challenges new parents are encountering. If you get this right you will see:

  • Higher rates of retention, particularly of women. This will result in talent remaining in the organisation along with skills and experience

  • Improved gender diversity across all levels of the organisation, but particularly at a senior level. There is a wealth of research to demonstrate this has massive benefits for any organisation.

  • A more engaged workforce with higher rates of wellbeing

    Workshop Content

    Prior to the workshop, your facilitator will arrange a 1 hour call with you to better understand your company so the workshop content can be tailored to your specific needs.

    The Logistics

  • What you absolutely must do as a line manager – the legal bit

  • Business benefits for retaining talent

  • Flexible working requests

  • The top three things you can do to support a returner

  • Working with returnees on their strengths

  • The role of a mentor and/or peer coach·

    What assumptions are you making?

  • Our assumptions and stereotypes that we attach to others can limit people and there’s often very little truth in them. We do a dirty laundry list of all the things line managers have come across and use some positive psychology to reframe the negative narrative about parents in the work place.

    What questions are you asking? 

  • What was their maternity leave experience? How have they felt coming back? Not everybody will want to share lots of detail, but we explore how much you need to know to offer the best possible support.

    Support and commitment

  • Taking time to reflect, how can you use your strengths to support returners? What further help do you need?

    Total cost for this programme £2,200 (+Vat). Not including venue or catering.  

    Or £3,500 (+VAT) including venue and catering. A list of potential venues in each city can be provided upon request.