Unconscious Bias

Using a background in mental health, counselling and NLP leadership, our unconscious bias training helps your employees confront prejudice and bias in the workplace, with a particular focus on women and parents.  Focusing on mindset and culture change; this programme will teach individuals and brands about the power of embracing diversity and how to confront bias and prejudice to improve business and societal impact, leading to long-lasting and authentic change.

The programme supports delegates in increasing their self-awareness and encourages them to discover the social stereotypes that hold women back:

This workshop will cover:

  • Discover what bias and subconscious bias is

  • Understand the powerful relationship with subconscious bias, prejudice and stereotyping within minority groups - gender and the intersectionality of women with more than one minority identity for example.

  • Learn how subconscious bias affects relationships, how we do business, how we operate in the workplace, who we trust, who we fear, who we hire (and promote) and also how people perceive us.

The workshop runs for 4 hours (with breaks) for a maximum of 15 people.

Total cost for this workshop is £1,850 (+vat), excluding venue and catering

Total cost for this workshop is £2,750 (+Vat), including venue and catering