Flexible working and Job Shares

Work that works for everyone

Part-time. Staggered hours. Job shares. Working from home. 9-3 hours. Compressed hours. There are many forms of flexible working. As an employer, it makes good business sense to be aware of the options and how they can practically work in your industry.

Are you unsure about how to make job shares work in your organisation? What do you do when more than one employee requests different flexible working requests? Does your organisation have concerns it will “open the floodgate” to applications and you want to make sure you’re being fair to all?

With our training programme, you’ll know how to answer your employee's questions about flexible working, and find a solution that works for both them and your business.


89% of employees consider flexible working to be the biggest motivator to their productivity levels within the workplace

Study of UK businesses, HSBC


Who’s it for?

HR Professionals, Line Managers and Leadership


Available courses:

Flexible Working Workshop

4 hours, up to 15 people

  • Your legal obligations as an employer

  • How to deal with a flexible working request

  • The benefits of implementing flexible working within your organisation

  • How to implement flexible working within your department/company

Job Shares Workshop

4 hours, up to 15 people

  • The benefits of job shares to your business and department

  • Understand how to recruit people into job shares

  • Understand exactly how a job share might work within your organisation

  • Understand the steps you need to take when an employee says they would like to work as part of a job share

  • Understand the practicalities of positions being managed as a job share


  • Align your business on flexible working and job shares with a clear and consistent plan

  • Confidence to work with employees on their flexible working requests

  • Strategies to ensure successful job shares, and how to deal with any issues if they arise.

  • The opportunity to tap into a talent pool of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are asking for flexible working options.

We recommend booking both workshops to gain a full breadth of knowledge of your options and the best way to implement flexible working.



A study of UK businesses and employees by HSBC found that nine in ten employees (89%) consider flexible working to be the biggest motivator to their productivity levels within the workplace.