Return to work

Radical Returners Programme

Why does your business need to better understand how to retain employees when they return from a period of leave?

This is the point at which many parents (usually mothers) leave their careers. Their life has changed and very few companies recognise the challenges new parents are encountering.

This course provides a framework for your organisation to follow to ensure consistency and more successful return ships. If you get this right you will see:

  • Higher rates of retention, particularly of women
    This will result in talent remaining in the organisation along with skills and experience

  • Improved gender diversity across all levels of the organisation, particularly at a senior level
    There is a wealth of research to demonstrate this has massive benefits for any organisation.

  • A more engaged workforce with higher rates of wellbeing

Who’s it for? 

HR Professionals, Line Managers and Leadership

Available courses:


Radical Returners Programme

The programme will cover:

  • Legal obligations 

  • The business benefits for creating a really successful return to work after a period of leave

  • The top three things you can do to support a returner

  • How the returner might be feeling and what they might need 

  • The role of a mentor and/or peer coach

  • Phased returns

  • Breastfeeding 

  • Mentoring programmes

  • Other methods to encourage staff retention 


Fewer than one in five women feel confident returning to work after maternity leave

People Management, 2018

37% felt so unsupported and isolated on their return that they wanted to leave

Personnel Today, 2018