Ursula Tavender

Following a decade working in corporate communications Ursula set up Mumbelievable, a blog and business dedicated to supporting parents to return to work, stay in the workforce and progress in the careers they love. In 2017, having realised that she could make more of a difference by helping companies to increase support, inclusion and progression opportunities for working parents and carers, she established Taking Care of Business, a consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes devise simple solutions to change culture, increase productivity and retention, reduce costs, enhance diversity and close their gender pay gaps. 


“Flexibility is the one thing that has the power to transform the lives of each and every person at work. I believe with all my heart that when businesses embrace flexibility in sustainable, committed ways magic can happen and suddenly the doors open for more people to get back to work, stay and crucially, fulfil their career development ambitions. I’ve pulled together all the experiences I’ve gained working with organisations of all different sizes and industries to develop toolkits and training with the aim of simplifying flexible working so it can become a reality for everyone.”