Helen Bryce



Helen developed Rock Your Return - an online course for parents, and their employers, to support their return to the work after a period of leave.

Helen is the founder of Guilty Mothers Club, she has four children and lives in Manchester, UK.

Launched in 2016, Guilty Mothers Club has worked with hundreds of parents on returning to work and career progression. They’ve featured on BBC Breakfast, The Telegraph, BBC Five Live, The Huffington Post and spoken at numerous events on the topic of working parenthood.

Helen has over a decades experience in HR, most recently in leadership and talent management for Asda, Walmart. She has spent 8 years designing and delivering training and development programmes. From recruiting senior level coaches and creating mentoring schemes through to launching an entire leadership academy, she has trained hundreds of people of all levels and roles and she is hooked on personal development.

Having returned to work in HR after maternity leave she understands the challenges that this can bring for both employer and employee. She now spends the majority of her time working with parents – YOUR returning talent – and as a result has a deep understanding of their needs.